About Us

Protect Your Gear

You have spent a lot of time and hard earned money fitting-out your boat, and you have it just the way you like it. Protect your investment from theft or unauthorized use with The Connected Boat® CBD-1 boat security system.

Peace of Mind

The Connected Boat® will help to ensure that when you are ready to go boating, that your boat is ready to go. With The Connected Boat® CBD-1 boat security system, sensors and alarms you will have Peace of Mind like never before knowing that your boat is protected.

Perfect for Boat Builders

The Connected Boat® is the choice of many top boat builders. The robust marine grade IP68 housing, the rich feature set, the affordable price and the ease of installation make the CBD-1 the boat builder’s natural choice. Standard equipment on many top boat brands, The Connected Boat® security system brings peace of mind and added value to any marine craft.